Our vision is to become the world’s most valued LegalTech company.

And we plan to get there by building a global community of people with a common purpose, and empowering them with the technology, autonomy, support and resources to deliver the best work of their careers. All while helping lawyers to better serve their communities and people, all over the world.


Passionate, caring, smart and ambitious LEAPsters in 15 offices and 7 countries.


Lawyers spending less time on admin and more time doing what they love – helping people.


Decades supporting the creation of innovative and inspiring legal practice productivity solutions for everyday law firms.


LEAPsters investing more than their time into LEAP through our Employee Share Plan.

Extraordinary tech, powered by extraordinary people

Our legal practice productivity solutions are being designed and supported by talent from all over the world. Our flagship product – LEAP, integrates all the benefits of a state-of-the-art practice management system with legal accounting, document assembly and management, client collaboration tools, and legal publishing assets, in a single solution.

The application can run on Windows, Web, iOS and Android devices and integrates extensively with Microsoft Office 365 and Google. Our API platform allows third parties to extend, expand and automate LEAP functionality. We have developed many advanced features by listening to and anticipating our customers’ needs and we don’t intend on stopping anytime soon! 

"I come from a legal background and I just couldn’t see myself going down the traditional legal pathway. I had a mini crisis thinking all my studying would go to waste. I found a new passion in legal tech."


Implementation Consultant, Melbourne

"The exciting thing about working at LEAP is that no two days are the same and the people make it such a vibrant place. It’s one of those places where you actually like being in the office."


General Manager of Operations, Auckland

"I have made a lot of friends at LEAP, and every day I look forward to seeing everyone in the office and at events outside of work too. Working at LEAP is more than just a job, it becomes an enjoyable culture."


Helpdesk Team Leader, London

Local impact for our clients.

Global opportunities for our people.



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